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Edinburgh based disabilities charity - sponsored walk

jcb Oct 2, 2012

  1. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    Excuse the blatent plug but it is not for me.

    My wife works for a small Edinburgh based, independent charity that helps people with learning disabilities by partnering them up with citizen advocates.
    Powerful Partnerships - Citizen Advocacy for people with learning disabilities in Edinburgh and Lothian - Home

    Essentially ordinary people like us who want to help give them a voice, assist them in connecting with the community and having a better quality of life.
    There are over 400 people with learning disabilities on their books in Edinburgh alone and over 100 volunteer advocates working with them
    Many of these people have no family or friends and are at the will of the system without this support.

    Formerly funded by a mix of NHS and Social Care funding in late 2011 they lost the tender for ongoing funding as they were "not big enough" to deliver the service nationally. (something which by definition cant provide local community focus)
    Now independent they rely on fundraising and donations to survive.

    This looks bleak as many independent charities are vying for the same funds. They are likely to run out of funding before the new year when new grants may be available.
    Despite this 20 of the disabled people they support who are waiting to be partnered have decided to pitch in and help by setting themselves the challenge of completing a 5 mile walk to raise money to keep hope alive.

    If can spare a pound or two please see the just giving link below.

    Sonya Bewsher is fundraising for Powerful Partnerships

    Please feel free to forward to anyone you feel may be interested in either supporting or getting involved.

  2. Ghost

    Ghost Booooooo!

    Hi Jcb, is there a text number i can use to send a donation.. sorry if its in the link but i cannot find one?

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