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  1. nathan

    nathan New Member

    I want to know if its possible to change ecu/black boxes over on audis, as i have a a4 1.8 t sport which has been re-mapped to 190bhp, but i cant afford to insure it unless it is standard 150bhp. Please help. I need a response asap.

  2. Simon

    Simon Member

    I can't see that being a problem as long as it is from the same year/model - you might even be able to sell it and make some cash on the deal.

    what chip is it and what year is your car?

    - some would say that if you tell the insurance company that it is not chipped it is very difficult for them to find out it is........ but naturally I wouldn't recomend that!

  3. Mo-S3

    Mo-S3 Member

    Ur going to need to get it reprhrammed, its a simple straight forward swap. make sure they have te same engine codes.
  4. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    I wrote a reply to this but it doesn't seem to have been posted so here goes again.

    There is a tech section in http://www.audiworld.com/ look at the top headings select "tech"/"engine"/"A4" and you'll find a complete article including photos called something like removing your ECU. Seems pretty straight forward.

    However like one of the others said. Unless your ECU has superchips or MTM plastered all over it. It is quite difficult for an insurance company to determine. They certainly can't tell from plugging in the VAG diagnostic tool in the garage. The only clue is to plug a VAGCOm or VAG diagnostic tool and take the car for a spin and record the boost pressure.

    Now that's a lot of trouble and if your car is written off then its impossible! Then they would have to recruit a tuner to interogate the ECU. Which I've read recently that one has been approached, but declined.

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