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ECU Help Needed Were To Go 2003 8L TDI

Audi-Power Mar 1, 2012

  1. Audi-Power

    Audi-Power Member


    i have a 2003 1.9 tdi - 130 PD
    Audi a3

    ever since i had the cruise control fitted to my car i have the traction control light coming on after 10 minuets exactly from the engine being turned over.
    the light coming on then switches the traction control off this is no good.

    ive had the car on the vag com through 3 different vw / audi mechanics.
    each one brought up " load signal from alternator "

    ive had the wireing checked theres doesnt seem to be any breaks to the alternator.
    ive put another alternator on the car this still not solved the problem.
    i have had the cruise control take off and put back on and the light still comes on after 10 on the dot.

    the faults on the vag com have all been cleared a number of times but what ever has been done it doesnt solve the problem

    im looking for some info on this please if anyone has had the same problem in the past
    or can point me to a company that specialise in this type of ECU

    1st time looking on google i founf this website but no nothing about it

    How we test ECUs

    hope someone can help
    thanks :thumbsup:

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