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ECS Tuning for A4/S4

RichA3Turbo Mar 31, 2005

  1. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator


    Im just wanting to make you aware of the products that ECS/JBR offer for the A4/S4.

    The main thing is obviously brake kits. Their kits range from larger discs that use the stock callipers, to the ENORMOUS Stage 4/5 kit which uses the callipers from a Porsche Cayenne and 350mm discs...its as big as they come. Brakes are something that is commonly overlooked when tuning cars but even if you think your brakes are good now, when you have big power (Big turbo guys!) you will sure realise that they are not as good and certainly not upto the job.

    ECS Brake kits range from as little as £380 for the OE 2-piece to £1280 for the massive Stage 4 kit. They also offer alot of other products for the A4, so take a look at www.ecstuning.com and if you need prices for anything, just ask!

    Email me at richard@jbrperformance.co.uk


  2. richy

    richy Member

    haha awesome.. they would look SERIOUSLY MINT too!!!

    your 60 - 0 time would be quicker than your 0 -60 by about 10 times with them! lol

    its not mentioned but which model cayenne are they from?

    seriously tempted but would they fit a B7..?
  3. dstech

    dstech Member

    ECS tuning is about 3hrs from my home. Many people in the local Audi club have purchased items from them, so I can vouch for their quality and service. I personally have only purchased wheel lug bolts from them.


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