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ECS H PIPE - Anyone had any experience with this with B7 RS4?

S321BAD Dec 18, 2013

  1. S321BAD

    S321BAD Member

    hi all,my car is pretty much completely standard (aside from Bilstein coilovers to replace broken shocks)was going to put an ecs h pipe on my car to make it sound abit better and also the performance gain attracted me...(also thefact that its relatively cheap in comparison to other exhaust components i.e. Milltek catbacki emailed ECS Tuning direct as i read that the car will probably suffer a low end torque loss (which i obviously dont want)they confirmed that the ECS H pipe will result in a low end torque loss - was very surprised at this admission but at least they were honest!does anyone know of any 2nd hand Millteks going (prefferably valved?)thanksRick
  2. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    Millteks seem to come and go quite regularly... they're the obvious (and actually relatively cheap) choice for many RS owners. Browse the classified of various forums (here, audisrs, audi246, pistonheads etc) and the likes of ebay and you'll find one eventually. Alternatively, find a good fabricator and get a custom exhaust made up (decatted, non-res, with an x or h-pipe... whatever you're after) and keep the stock back boxes + valves.

    Also, just a tip, that post was awkward to read (putting it nicely)... people will be quicker to help, and likely better able to help, if it doesn't take five reads just to figure out what you're after!
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  3. S321BAD

    S321BAD Member

    haha cheers Martay!!!

    i have no idea what happened to that post, i did type it normally beleive it or not?!

    think im gonna go for a decoke first (as i do alot of urban driving) and then take it from there...
  4. Phil_D

    Phil_D New Member

    I have one on mine, think of it like pressing the sport button again noise wise...

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