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ECON light won't go out

ADi Nuff Valves Oct 5, 2012

  1. As per the title, I noticed yesterday when trying to de-mist the windows that the ECON light won't turn off. From a search this sounds like the air-con is not working for some reason. I did a scan with VCDS and got only this error:

    Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 8P0-820-043.lbl
    Part No SW: 8P0 820 043 AD HW: 8P0 820 043 AD
    Component: KlimavollautomatH19 0360
    Revision: 057901 Serial number: 8P0820043AD
    Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
    VCID: 6ED87AA079B38B68C39

    1 Fault Found:
    00796 - Fan for Interior Temp Sensor (V42)
    011 - Open Circuit - Intermittent
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 00101011
    Fault Priority: 3
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 57
    Mileage: 44463 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2012.09.22
    Time: 16:48:55

    Freeze Frame:
    Voltage: 13.80 V
    Temperature: 32.0°C

    Cleared it and it hasn't come back (not that I would've thought this fan would cause the whole aircon system to stop working). The ECON light still won't go out. There are no other errors shown by VCDS. Is this likely to just be in need of a re-gas? I had a new air-con compressor last summer (2011) as the original had failed. I would've thought it shouldn't need a re-gas until next summer at the earliest.

    Is there anything else I can look at in VCDS which might indicate where the problem lies?
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    could need a regas or the presure switch
    they dont always show up on vcds.
  3. How easy is the pressure switch to either check or replace? Any ideas on its cost?
  4. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    first thing i would do is go local halfrauds etc to get a FREE aircon check
    they will check the gas
  5. Hmmm, after reading several awful reviews of those Halfords auto-centres I would rather not let them anywhere near it.
  6. Useful stuff found on another thread:

    [FONT=&quot]A/C cut-off Codes

    0 = Compressor on (no shut-off requirement of the A/C compressor detected)

    1 = Compressor off (refrigerant pressure was or is too high)

    2 = Compressor off (blower motor circuit)

    3 = Compressor off (refrigerant pressure was or is too low)

    4 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)

    5 = Compressor off (no engine start or no engine speed detected)

    6 = Compressor off (A/C system switched off, ECON-mode activated)

    7 = Compressor off (A/C system switched off, blower switch in position 0)

    8 = Compressor off (outside temperature was less than 1.5°C and is still less than 2.5 °C)

    9 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)

    10 = Compressor off (Low voltage)

    11 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)

    12 = Compressor off (shut-off request from Engine Control Module (ECM) via CAN)

    13 = Compressor off (voltage supply terminal 30 too high)

    14 = Compressor off (Evaporator Temperature)

    15 = Compressor off (display not currently intended)

    16 = Compressor off (activation A/C Compressor Regulator Valve -N280- implausible)

    17 = Compressor off (no signal or implausible signal from High Pressure Sensor -G65-)

    18 = Compressor off (engine speed too high at standstill)

    19 = Compressor off (shutoff request from Vehicle Electrical System Control Module via CAN)

    20 = Compressor off (refrigerant loss-currently V8 Touareg only)

    21 = Compressor off (Outside Temp < 2 degrees C, without recirc mode on)

    22 = Compressor off (Outside Temp < 2 degrees C, Inside Temp. < 10 degrees C)

    My shut-off condition (with the engine running) says 3. Going to get a mobile air-con guy out to take a look.
  7. Can anyone confirm (or otherwise) that the arrow in the pic below is pointing to the aircon pressure sensor?

  8. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    If it is, and you replace, the refrigerant will be illegally lost to atmosphere.
    Take it to a VW/Audi indy specialist.

    If your confident, attach a gauge to the low or high pressure side of air con to check pressures.
  9. Just had a mobile guy out who measured the pressure. It's got plenty (5bar) so it looks like it could well be the pressure sensor that's at fault.
  10. Possibly not true. I've seen reference (albeit on another Audi model) to them using a schrader valve so this will close to prevent losing the refrigerant when you remove the pressure sensor.

    Just need someone to confirm that and also the location of the sensor...............
  11. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    on the b6 b7 i know removeit the PV it will relese the gas
    and on my daughters 2003 a3
  12. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    Check the fuse which are under the bonnet,next to the battery,,,,,not 100% which fuse but maybe fuse 24?
  13. Yeah I'll check the fuses tonight. Would've thought that if the fuse had gone VCDS would flag that as it would have an open on the connection to the sensor.
  14. I can confirm that the pic below does point out the location of the G65 sensor. Now to order a new one and work out how the hell to get at the old one to take it off!

  15. Had the sensor swapped today and my air-con is now working properly again.
  16. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Most ac components require degassing of the system.

    Little reason to make it any different, seeing as you need a defra license to work on the gas. And manufacturers dont want to make jobs easy or diy. Need to keep cars coming back.

    Glad it's fixed.
  17. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    just to clear it up there is a check valve so you can remove the pressure sensors yourself no degas or regas required
  18. Thanks Phil. Yeah I looked in to this and no-need for a de-gas / re-gas when changing the G65. I had it done at an indy anyway.
  19. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Good to know.
    I'd have just assumed otherwise, and de gassed it. Easy when you have a machine though.

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