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ECON Light on, G65 High Pressure switch electrical connection

TheBigUn May 5, 2011

  1. TheBigUn

    TheBigUn New Member

    My ECON light is on permanently. It's been like that since the bumper was loosened for a minor paint job and a front parking sensor replacement. I suspect it was disconnected or damaged during the bumper removal. I've located the G65 sensor on the side of the condenser under the right hand headlight and traced the wiring back under and around to the right hand bumper support but I cant seem to locate where it connects or is supposed to connect to?

    What does the connector look (or feel) like?

    The wire is quite tight so I suspect it may be trapped or disconnected? As I've got hands like shovels it's hard to get in and feel around. (I removed the right hand fog light grille to get access) If anyone can offer any help or advice or a diagram or a picture I would appreciate it.

    I'm hoping it's not going to be another bumper off job. :(

  2. pete1000

    pete1000 New Member

    Can only speak from experience of my A6 (2003/4). Sensor was at side of drivers side headlight. Easy to get to (I have big hands too). Just disconnet the plug and unscrew the sensor. You wont lose any gas- because of none return valve . Think it cost me £35 from Audi.
    Took me less than 10 minutes to do it . it is a common fault and cures 90% of this niggle.

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