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ECL light fault codes 17537 & 17535 B6 S4

Ian S4 Jul 31, 2013

  1. Ian S4

    Ian S4 Member

    This all started when i topped my oil up a few days back, topped up the oil by around a litre, didnt over fill or anything, drove the car for about 5 mins then the ECL came on, a friend plugged it into a reader and the code P0175 power train too rich bank 2 came up.
    Took the car home, checked for any obvious problems and found none, gave the maf a clean with caliper cleaner, pulled of the mushroom shaped valve, think its the PCV and gave that a clean, removed the battery to clear the ecl, it cleared and all seemed fine for a few days untill last night, ECL on again, checked codes and now have 17535 bank 1 too rich 17537 bank 2 too rich, has anyone got any ideas what it could be please ?

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