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EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads

alfiejts Mar 31, 2007

  1. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    Has anyone got any experience of using EBC Greenstuff upgraded brake pads?

    Are they just of benefit to people who drive their cars fast or are they still an improvement for cars that are driven just as city cars on the school & shopping run?

    Our car mainly just tootles around town and has the odd motorway run. I want to replace the pads to get the best "ordinary driving" performance.
    Most "performance" brake pads take time to warm up and aren't as good for normal day to day use.

    Will the greenstuff pads deliver an improvement for normal day to day use or am I best sticking with a standard replacement pad?

  2. HeliChris

    HeliChris Learning to fly 3D

    I have used EBC greens before, but not for a few years. EBC greens don't need be warm before they work, unlike Yellows and Reds, so they are safe for the school run. They always felt like they had more initial bite than the standard pad (a unipart item), but you paid the price with increased wear which meant lots more brake dust.

    However this experience was gained not from using them on Audis but using them with non ABS cars. For my money the standard pad in my sportback seem fine. If you are not going to upgrade the disc and callipers then I think it might be a bit of a waste of time because the standard ABS / Brake Force distribution and Emergency Brake Assist are programmed for the standard pads. There is little need for a calliper upgrade unless the car is going to spend its life on the track, or the power has been hiked. The best spend will be tyres, maybe even a set of sticky summer and winter tyres for better water displacement, research the tyre with the best braking performance and use this. At the end of the day the tyre is the only thing touching the ground so the brakes are useless without the tyres to match.

    Hope this help

  3. Spook

    Spook Member

    I have always found that the compound used in Audi pads make the alloy wheels dirty very quickly, and leaves a metallic residue that quickly oxidises and sticks to the alloy if you don't wash it off fairly quickly.

    The Greenstuff pads are kevlar based, and don't create as much dust, leaving the wheels cleaner for longer, and the residue is much easier to clean off as it doesn't stick to the alloy. I have used these pads on previous cars and haven't had any problems, but I have heard horror stories about short service life and the pad becoming detached from the backplate in some situations.

    I used Black Diamond Predator pads on my old S3 together with the Predator Combo (grooved and crossdrilled) discs, although you could use the pads with the standard discs without any problems. The pads are perfect for road use as they require no warming-up, and being kevlar-based, keep your wheels clean too. I can't speak highly enough of them, and wouldn't hesitate to use them on my new S3 (when it arrives).

  4. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    What about the Brembo drilled brakes, how do they fair up?
  5. I use the green stuff pads on my S4 and I have found they produce less dust and stain on the wheels.

    Also, I bought them cheaper that the audi part!

    So it was a no brainer for me.

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