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EBC Brakes??

Anito May 21, 2004

  1. Anito

    Anito Member

    I've spoken to AMD about fitting EBC (green) pads and disks to my car. I'm thinking about sending it to them for a remap and if I do I would like the extra stopping power.

    Having been quoted £500 by AMD, I called my mate to see if he could supply and fit them for less.

    It turns out that he tried them on a car & in 2 years he went through 3 sets of pads and 2 sets of discs.

    So two questions:

    1. Are the EBC green stuff pads and discs much better than standard fit?

    2. Should I really expect to change discs and pads quite often or is was my mates case a 'one off' ?


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