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  1. Stuart Dobson

    Stuart Dobson Member

    I'm thinking about upgrading my radio to RNS-e.
    It's become apparent that I'm going to need a VCDS, I've been told to buy an official one its around £220.
    I have also found "Lite" versions, which are much cheaper but I have been told they wont do that I want them.

    However, I've found this on eBay and I want a more experienced opinion.

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

    By the look of it, it will do what I want it for. To be honest it looks like it does just about everything. Which is puzzling, what makes this £170 cheaper?

    The only guess I can make is from the part that says "These cables only work with the software provided so do not attempt to upgrade this as your cable will not work anymore." So all i can only assume is that its a fake copy, and if it is therefore updated then the software will detect a fake version and it will overwrite not allow it to continue.

    Apart from that will it do enough?

    The thing is for me, I'm not a mechanic, I don't do anything with cars that aren't my own and no one else in the family owns a Audi, Seat or Skoda. So the chances of me actually using it again are very slim, So I don't want to pay £220 just to code a radio and then have it chucked in my garage and not used again. If this will do the job then that's good enough for me.

    But that's why I'm here, I know there are much more experienced people on here than me, Is this a bit too good to be true? or will it be ok for one or two jobs?

  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Having just asked the seller the question, the cable comes with version 10.6.4 of the VCDS software so it "should" do what you want but the thing to remember is that you will never be able to update the software. If you are happy with that then it might be worth trying.
  3. Stuart Dobson

    Stuart Dobson Member

    Yeh thanks I just asked the seller too, Like I said I plan to use it just to program the radio, once that's done I probably wont use it again unless a fault code came up, and to be honest I would hope that they aren't too regular :)

  4. bearthebruce

    bearthebruce Ross-Tech, LLC

    Hmm... the clue is that it will stop working. It is a Chinese clone of Ross-Tech's acclaimed VCDS product. So you have the money to buy new fancy equipment for your ride but you don't have money to buy the real tool and support the company that created it?

    Yeah, we've heard it before - get over yourselves Ross-Tech. It's a free world out here where stealing other's work is totally acceptable.

    Here is hoping the tool fails while you are in the middle of making a coding change and your brick a module. Then you'll know the value of the cheap Chinese knockoff!
  5. Stuart Dobson

    Stuart Dobson Member

    Lol, okay mate, chears for the advice.

    The difference being I will use the RNS-e every day for the rest of the time I have the car, and the VCDS, I will probably never use again. So for the sake of one instalment, If I can save £170, I will.

    But thanks for your opinion, I'm sure it will be valued . . . by someone.

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