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Ebay bargain - Brand New 1L 5w 30 oil with Genuine Velco Oil Bag

Stev_A3 Feb 13, 2013

  1. Stev_A3

    Stev_A3 Member

    manfieldtk on ebay is selling brand new 1l Castrol Oil 5w 30 with the genuine velcro oil bag (to store in the boot) for a bargain price on ebay (I got speedy delivery also) bargain considering the oil is £17 from hellfrauds. My car came with the Audi bag with no oil so a great way to replace it. Im sure its the right oil for my 3.2. 5W 30 - VW 504 00/507 00 The bag turned out to be the newer style with the white writing which I dont mind.

    Genuine Audi VW Skoda Seat Long Life oil in Audi Bag Castrol | eBay

    The seller is no way related to me nor has asked for me to advertise, im just trying to get people to get a bargain.
  2. Sidhu88

    Sidhu88 Active Member

    I may be wrong, but the bottle says castrol edge professional. My understand of it is that slx was replaced by edge and i've never come across edge professional before so im wondering how old these oil bottles are. but then at the same time i'm not sure what the shelf life of unopened oil is

    Edit: quick google search suggests that shelf life of sealed oil is indefinite. Should be fine then
  3. Stev_A3

    Stev_A3 Member

    One bottle I got was July 12 and the other June 12 (obviously unopen as they are brand new) - same bar codes.
  4. A3Kent

    A3Kent Well-Known Member

    I'm always a bit sceptical about buying oil on eBay. How do you know the oil inside is exactly as labelled? Maybe I'm being stupid but I'd rather be safe than sorry with engine oil!
  5. Audi Dynamik

    Audi Dynamik Well-Known Member

    I just bought a big 4l Bottle of Edge the new type (Fst Fluid Strength Technology) 5w 30, for £30 inc delivery which i thought was a very good price it came from a car shop aswell so i thought it would be more genuine than somebody just selling one random new bottle. I have a small empty bottle i just top up and keep in the Spare Wheel Well just in case i need to top up on a long journey or something. I need this Oil, My car guzzles the stuff !
  6. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic S-line owners group

    I now go to my local TPS, it's a dam sight cheaper than anything on ebay, and it's the same stuff that your local Audi dealer use/sell.
  7. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem


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