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Easy Haldex Fuse question

cptn_molo Jun 7, 2010

  1. cptn_molo

    cptn_molo New Member

    Ok i have searched the forum and my user manual but cannot find the answer........

    I suspect my Haldex has a problem - and the first check to do is the fuse. Some sites say fuse 31 - some say 33 but this does not tally with my user manual, where i cant find a mention of haldex in the listing for either fuse box????

    I believe it should be a 5A

    I have a 2007 2.0tdi 170 quattro and have the gen 2 controller.

    any help is appreciated
  2. cptn_molo

    cptn_molo New Member

    Further to the above question - never found the fuse - tho i think its ok

    scanned with vagcom and got the following:

    Address 22: AWD Labels: 1K0-907-554.lbl
    Part No: 1K0 907 554 L
    Component: Haldex 4Motion 0116
    Coding: 0000001
    Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000

    1 Fault Found:
    01073 - Clutch Pressure System
    002 - Lower Limit Exceeded - Intermittent

    This code is not listed on the Wiki Ross tech list of faults so i am going to assume the following

    1. Possibly has no/low oil - it is due a change
    2. the pressure sensor is faulty
    3. the pre charge pump is faulty :(

    Have any of you guys had this fault ? solutions

    much apreciated
  3. cptn_molo

    cptn_molo New Member

    Just to close the loop on this tread for anyone else with this problem.......

    Just needed some oil in the coupling to get working

    But every "how to" on the internet shows the coupling needing oil from a mastic gun type thing and you are only suposed to fill 275ml, but the 8p car with gen 2 controller needs 700ml (aprox) of oil which is thin (comes in a 1L container labeled Haldex coupling oil) and i had to fill from the inspection plug.

    Put 700ml in but only got 100ml out so either i have a leak or the full audi service history with haldex oil changes every 20,000 miles is nonsence

    Diff oil ok so its not leaking there.... no other signs of external leaks

    All working now - happy days

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