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East. PA/South. N.J. GTG & Fun Run April 17 Sunday

ImolaS4 Apr 15, 2005

  1. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member


    All Audis invited.
    Bring a friend. Bring a spouse. Bring your Audi!

    If you've ever been on any of my events,
    then you know I put on a great run through some awesome roads.
    Well... here we go again!!

    Sunday, April 17
    10:30AM - 12 Noon... or later

    Meet at Peace Valley (near Doylestown) and drive some great roads to New Hope for lunch and a great GTG

    See link below for directions to Peace Valley.

    Meet-n-Greet at Peace Valley.
    Then join in a 30 mile Fun Run through some of the best country roads in N.E. PA.
    End the Fun Run in New Hope for the GTG and lunch.

    <font color="red"> Say FAREWELL to ImolaS4 </font> .
    My last event in the Mid-Atlantic and a bon voyage to my new home (south).

    Directions to Peace Valley

  2. EuroA6spd

    EuroA6spd New Member

    Sunday april 17 2006 ? and where are we driving, like police wise. cuz im assuming that speed limits are not in effect here ?

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