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E85 Fuel Setup - C5 Chassis

Uber-Technik Jun 26, 2013

  1. Uber-Technik

    Uber-Technik New Member

    Hey all!

    hope you can hope me out!

    i need to work out if its possible to install dual intank pumps in the C5 A6? As I plan to run E85 I have already installed 880cc injectors.

    i also need to work out the flow my pump(s) need, now I am not aiming to max my injectors! I just need to know how much lph I need to safely support 700bhp as this is realistically all the hybrid turbos will flow and even this is being very optimistic!

    so the setup is the RS6 engine with upgraded turbos which will be running 1.5 bar boost max, I'd appreciate knowing the lph my fuel pumps need to flow at 5.5bar as I assume you need to calculate this by adding base fuel pressure 4.0bar to boost pressure 1.5 which equals 80psi.

    Also I'd like to know if anyone has installed two of the walbro 400lph pumps inside the standard basket these cars have? Or even better if anyone makes an aftermarket basket to accept twin pumps?

    does anyone know if the basket used is the same across any other audis? If so il see if anyone makes anything for the different models.

    Either way I need to know the flow my pumps need to support 700hp with some safety margin ofcourse! And please remember base pressure is 4bar and boost will be 1.5bar so calculate with some safety here also or tell me how to calculate so I can learn!

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