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e- brake...adjustment...?

DoctorD15 Nov 1, 2006

  1. DoctorD15

    DoctorD15 New Member

    ive got an 87 quattro 5000 cs. Recently the e- brake has been barely holding the car on a hill and does nothing to help slow down the car on the road. How do i adjust the handbrake or fix this problem?
  2. scotty33

    scotty33 Member

    Usually the handbrake mechanism seizes up and the return springs are no longer able to fully return the mechanism to the fully off position. Eventually the mechanism stays fully on and does not move at all when you pull on the handbrake.
    Sometimes you can free them off with releasing oil and working them by hand, also some fords used a similar caliper with a stronger return spring, these can also help. Usually a new or recon caliper is needed. Worth checking the cable is not seized before you buy calipers!

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