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Dyno Plot - REVO Stage 2+ on a Seat Leon Cupra K1!!

Discussion in 'Awesome GTI' started by AwesomeMike, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. AwesomeMike

    AwesomeMike Member

    Hello All,

    Just thought we'd share some interesting information with you all.

    We had a customers MK2 Leon Cupra K1 in at the end of last week for a Helix clutch conversion and an upgrade to REVO Stage 2+. All I can say is... HOLY ****!!! We rolling roaded it with a stage 2 map before and a new HPFP fitted. It made 305bhp, we expected a little more, but figured that it would be down to the car not having the correct mapping to suit the HPFP. Once we flashed and fettled with the settings of the Stage 2+, we ran it again, and here are the results!



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