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  1. Krissrock

    Krissrock New Member

    Listen guys,... i had my car dyno'd this weekend. It's a 225 QR with a ECS H valve, P-Flo intake, and Forge DV. That's it. THere was something weird goin on with the wheels. The wheels were kinda getting on the power by themselves. Here is a graph of the Total HP and Torque. [​IMG]
    Now, note the spikes in the torque and HP. The operator asked if i was letting off the gas...I wasn't. Now look at the torqe and Hp of just he Rear wheels. [​IMG]
    Why the spikes...? if i were to to show the RPM's as the dyno was running, when rear wheels would kick in, it would slow the RPM's for a sec...then speed up. Now check out the speed of both wheels...[​IMG]
    (RED is Rear - Green is Front) Seems as though the rear do a second by themselves, and the front coast......Any thoughts? and the engine was kinda hot...before my runs. Again, any thoughts? would a chip clear this up, or did my dealer mess something up when they changed the Haldex oil and filter last month?
  2. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The dips will be the haldex system working when the wheels are loosing traction on the rolling road. Perfectly normal...
  3. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    Absolutely normal. I'd ask the dyno operator if he's ever down a Haldex car before or even know what one is.

    It's also strange that you was driving the car and not the operator.

    All plain weird.

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