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Dyno Comparison , Revo Vs Unitronic Chipped

Rick20vt Jul 23, 2010

  1. Rick20vt

    Rick20vt New Member

    Hi Guys, i just wanna share my experience with this 2 brands of Software for our cars..... i just want to be clear , for me Unitronic, Revo, Apr are the best of the best in Sofwtare Tuning for our cars, at least here in Mexico with our crappy 92 oct fuel.....

    Yesterday i took my S3 8p 2008 to the dinamometer, here in town we dont have an AWD Dyno, so we disconnected the Haldex module and the result was a FWD s3 8p haha....

    We did different test and logs with Vagcom of the block 020 which shows Timing Retard values....

    My car is completely STOCK in engine hardware.

    Here are the most important runs:

    Stock power : With 0 timing retard

    266.6 whp & 283 pounds of torque

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIrOIdFZGZY

    Revo Stage 1 with Boost 6 Timing 5 and AFR 9 (SPS switch): With almost none timing retard (perfect setting)

    301.1 whp & 307.3 pounds of torque

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsnk33FfGGg

    Unitronic Stage 1+ software as is (doesnt have a switch): With almost none timing retard (great software)

    303.1 whp & 333.7 pounds of Torque

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY8b1E_DHKs

    Then the Revo dealer wasnt satisfied with those results and started to play with another settings and we did a lot more runs, but the one that matched Unitronic Gains was this:

    Revo Stage 1 , Boost 9, Timing 7 , Afr 3. With this setting the block 020 in vagcom showed up around 7 degrees of timing retard which in my personal opinion is not safe for the street with that crappy 92 oct fuel, What u think?

    Here's the video:

    With all this tests i could conclude that i have the right software in my car generating great WHP and Torque without stressing my engine....

    What u think?? I'm not trying to fight or create a discussion about tuning softwares, i only wanted to share this so u can see the big difference that makes this Tuning Softwares to our cars!!

  2. GConn

    GConn Member

    7 degrees is a lot. I'd turn the timing setting a bit lower, but the car will smooth out eventually after the adaptation. Part of these 7 degrees is due to the hot climate during the summer too.

    However, without wanting to insult anyone, I think the wheel figures are a bit optimistic for a car with only a remap. Just my opinion though.
  3. GConn

    GConn Member

    Oh and I forgot to mention, it is sometimes normal to see retards on the dyno that you will not have on the street. The engine doesn't have as much available airflow on the dyno.

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