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DVLA Lost my MOT & V5...

jb0o Jan 29, 2010

  1. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Site Sponsor Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    Like the title says, DVLA lost my MOT certificate and V5 when I put in a numberplate retention document.

    My local office is Stockton-on-tees but I can't speak to them directly, I can only write to them.

    I called up the DVLA in Swansea and they have issued me a new V5, which is fine, and then with the MOT they tried to fill me with **** like..

    "Well, you dont actually need the MOT certificate unless you get pulled over by the Police or if anyone requests to see it.."

    He then took my numberplate and said that my MOT expires on the 10th March 2010, I didn't realise the DVLA had access to MOT records... do they?

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    They sure do! SEE HERE.
    The date in "Date of Liabilty" is your MOT expiry.
    Not always totally correct though. They're out by two months on my one.

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