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Dv relocation problem,

vince, A3 turbo May 25, 2011

  1. vince, A3 turbo

    vince, A3 turbo Member

    Alright lads I fitted a fmic last weekend but the spout off the hot side pipe to the dv is to close to the dv so I cut the standard pipe and made it fit but it's collapsing because it has to bend to tight, soo I want to put my dv on the cold side so I brought a 2" Ali tube with a 25mm spout and a block off plug, and some 4 mm hose, but I need to get s bit of hose from 20mm (Ali spout) to 25mm (dv) has any one done this before or do u no were I can get some hose ? Or has every one done the sensible thing and brought a forge relocation kit? Cheers ;)

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