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Dunlop Sport Maxx or Sport Maxx GT for my 19" on A4

funkycat Feb 23, 2012

  1. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    OK, the front P Zero's on my MY11 Black Edition A4 are about done (13.6k), so looking around for new boots. I had Dunlop Sport Maxx on my old B8, and seem to remember something about specific boot fitment for Audi? So am I right in thinking I need to buy Sport Maxx GT to fit on my 19" Black Edition alloys, or can I get away with Sport Maxx which a slighty cheaper @ ATS.


  2. gazb8

    gazb8 New Member VCDS Map User

    i work in a tyre place i will not sell people prilli or dunlops as have lost of problems with them mich crack if you dont do very high millage and i put my prilli's in the bin when i got my a4 even tho they was like new brighstone all day long as they are great tyres never had a problem with them
  3. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    I've had bad times with SP Sport Maxx before and was totally devastated to find Sport Maxx GT on my new car. Touch wood they don't seem too bad if a little noisy. I'm at 13k miles with still lots of life left.

    Not sure if I'd buy them again though.
  4. TripleD

    TripleD Audi S4 Avant Owner Team Mythos Audi S4

    Someone on here said they had 34k out of there dunlops which is pretty good going.

    Never had dunlops before, I've only done about 2000 miles on them so far, but seem okay at the moment.
  5. Keef

    Keef Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S4

    Always had continental sport contacts on all my Audi's
    And my new car came with sport contact 3's
    (I think they're 'heavy load' on the A4).
    I don't do loads of miles but in my experience a
    Very good all round tyre with a reasonable driving life.
  6. Simo_UK

    Simo_UK Member

    Also heard about the Dunlops having a long life. Picked my new 2nd hand car up today. Dunlops all round, 10k done and 5mm left on all tyres.
    Also heard good things about the Kumho KU31s - at a mere ~£160 per corner!
  7. Big Bird

    Big Bird Member

    Yep, i had 34k out of my dunlop gt's, so got them fitted again!!

    I'm pretty sure you need the GT's as they are AO rated........??

    Yes, you probably could buy better tyres, but what makes them better is up to you, i wanted long life so went for dunlops.

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