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dump valve?

- Jan 17, 2003

  1. Guest

    Just had to new Pilot Sport rears for 210 a piece and they took nice care of the wheels, maybe because I told him hed be replacing them if he scratched them.

    When I phoned around the prices went as high as 350 for the same tyre so it is worth shopping around a bit
  2. A4CAB

    A4CAB Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    [ QUOTE ]
    ****** hell!

    I got a second puncture in one of mine (in Bedford), drove to Northampton to Wollaston to get a referral and they sent me to Northampton Tyre Rip Off Merchants who know that you are in the sh1t and promptly charge £352 for a Michelin Rear /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/eek.gif Robbers then had the cheek to say "Oh you're other rear is "getting" low, why not change both? over £700 for two tyres? **** off

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Thats takes the ****! You'll be very upset to hear then that my local tyre company say they can do me a rear Micho for 186 fitted. And that they can do it without buggering the rim. Havent taken them up on it yet but ill certainly be giving them a go when i need some!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Is that the place behind the Total Garage by the park in Oxted Ben?
  3. SteveS3

    SteveS3 New Member

    870 for 19inch michers at Micheldever...

  4. carl310166

    carl310166 Member

    i own a 99 a3 tq,but i find it difficult to drive it smoothly,it seems to be very jerky when lifting off the throttle. could this be anything to do with the dump valve sticking? has anybody else had the same problem? also,i have just had my 90000 mile inspection,and was told the rear discs and pads would need replacing soon,i am trying to avoid paying dealer prices by doing it myself or taking it to halfords etc,so are there any problems i am likely to encounter with the 4wd system etc? thanks in advance.
  5. PaulRS3

    PaulRS3 Well-Known Member

    audi use DV's aka diverter valves.

    as they dont dump to atmosphere like a dump valve.,
    instead its diverted back into the intake.

    it could well be this, they are cheap enough to replace if at your own expense try vagparts.com

    could try abouve for brake parts too.

    pop them an email, as they only show a small selection on their website.

  6. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    I think the hardest part about replacing the rear brakes is screwing the pistons back into the calipers if you do not have the right tool.

    You need to try harder if you have done 90k on a set of rear brakes. You should look at the rear discs to see if they are uneven or there is rust on the braking surface, I would expect rear disks to last more than 1 set of pads.

    If you have not done any work on cars before brakes may not be a good place to start.

    Buy OEM quality products.
  7. carl310166

    carl310166 Member

    thanks for the advice.

    the discs have a nice lip on them,so the need replacing.

    i didn't mind getting my hands dirty on my 1.9 205 trackday car,i changed the discs and pads on that myself,but i used a pair of molegrips to wind the pistons back in !!! i will not be using the same method for the a3.

    there again,by the time i have bought the correct tool etc,it may be more cost effective to pay a garage.

    as for the dump valve,they are only about £15,so i will change it,and let you all know if it made a difference.

    thanks anyway.

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