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dump valve

no1markyb Mar 10, 2008

  1. no1markyb

    no1markyb Member

    hi i have the 2.0tdi and was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the dump valve, i know you can on the petrol turbos but havnt been able to find much info o nthe diesels, any info would be greatly appreciated, cheers guys
  2. mikep

    mikep Member

    There isn't a dump valve on a diesel. Nor is there one on the TFSi (it's a diverter valve). Dump valves are for the likes of Scoobies and Mitsis not for Audis.

    They sound REALLY Chavtastic too!

    Save your cash.
  3. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    Yeah please don't get a dump valve. Considering most peple buy an Audi to be understated it would be a very strange mod!!
  4. EAGLE79

    EAGLE79 Member

    Hey guys i think your letting personal taste get in the way here.

    You can get atmospheric vavles for both and i personally like them but hey each to their own gents. You can change your diverter valve to let off some air everytime you change gear. People like Forge do them so check with them. Not 100% on the diesel side of things though.

    Its like saying stage 1 & 2 conversions aren't for 4 door diesel family cars but hey you've done it...... Each to their own my friends, each to their own.

    By the way that car must have some torque with that upgrade, must pull like a bitch on the motorway!
  5. skodaudi

    skodaudi Member

    You can buy dump valve kits for TDis from the likes of Forge and Dervdoctor.
    They are around £250+ and do nothing but make the dumping noise.

    There is no benefit whatsoever in fitting a dump valve on a TDI.

    But if you want the sound of it thats up to you.
  6. no1markyb

    no1markyb Member

    orite guys cheers, and i know what your saying about buying an audi to be understated but have you seen mine lol and as for saving my money again have you seen mine, its not particularly sly anyway, to be honest i just love the sound of a dump valve but wouldnt be paying 250 quid for it, cheers for the info.
  7. boggysv

    boggysv Member

    Diesel + blowoff noise? I'm sorry, but that doesnt sound right to me.


    This however, sounds much better.

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