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Dump Valve Issues

ads1377 Jul 12, 2012

  1. ads1377

    ads1377 Member

    Hi all

    My car is stage 1 with no mods to the airbox etc

    I recently bought from another member a forge 007 to replace my standard valve.

    Under normal driving there was no difference in sound, just the usual quiet pst, however under heavy throttle when lifting off to change gear the valve sounded louder and higher pitched, like a wheezing noise.

    I therefore fitted the yellow spring, this made little or no difference.

    Is this normal, should I fit one of the the spacers, or will it have a boost leak or something?

    Cheers Adam
  2. ads1377

    ads1377 Member

    I think I may have installed the wrong way around hence my issues, I have now installed with the top nipple facing the sky and all seems well.

    I tried the forge pen test to check for leeks, both the 007 one and the standard dv pistons travel back a little when you push a pen all the way, leaving a small gap, which is closed when you take your finger off the nipple, hope this is correct!!
  3. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    Yep nipple upwards is the correct way. The other way won't do any harm but it will sound like you have a budgy under your bonnet ;)

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