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dual catch can set up

snow demon Jun 20, 2012

  1. snow demon

    snow demon New Member

    I have read the catch can threads and see how everyone venting to atmos just deletes the intake manifold vacuum. I have seen dual catch can set ups keeping the i.m. vac on the block or valve cover but no one is doing it on the 1.8t. Does it just not work on our cars? Im thinking I should be able to have a T on the lower breather kind of like the stock system with one line going to a can with its output going to the intake manifold and a valve between the i.m. and can so the can doesn't get boost. The second line from the T would go to another can that would just vta. If the i.m. sucking in un-metered air is an issue than maybe another valve could be used on the out of the vta can right before the filter, unless the valve would be to much of a restriction on the gasses escaping the system.

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