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Dtuk crd t box in an a7

kamran1985 Oct 1, 2013

  1. kamran1985

    kamran1985 New Member

    Is anyone here running a Dtuk box in their a7.... I just wanted your feedback on the box itself in terms of power delivery torque etc and fuel consumption what's the pick up like etc the more info the better for me....

    i have spoken to andrew today and I must say top bloke but just wanted to know your experiences as I was going to remap but after speaking to few people apparently it is still possible for audi to trace a remap even if the mapper puts it back to standard including security bolts when the car goes in for service or warranty work.... So I am more attracted in purchasing a dt uk box....

    let me me have your feedback guys!!


  2. biffyg

    biffyg New Member

    I'm also looking for some info on this, anybody??:eyebrows:

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