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DSMer looking to get an Audi....pros and cons?

ShayneBishop Mar 2, 2004

  1. ShayneBishop

    ShayneBishop New Member

    Hey, i'm new here. Whats up everyone?!
    Right now i have an eclipse GST thats a monster but it keeps breaking down on me and i have no patience with that car anymore, i just want to get rid of it. So after its fixed its going to have its own spot in the auto trader! So im looking to maybe get an A4, i've always loved the style of the ones before the 2001+? like the 97,98,99 i think. Well the ones that arent all round like the new ones. And with AWD u just cant go wrong but after searcing around this forum and reading some posts the A4 1.8t seems kind of weak, 175hp? is that true? My gst stock would beat that...So my question is how do u guys like your a4 OR should i get the 2.7t? I hear the lag is crazy on those. What kind of HP can u guys get out of either car with a chip and few mods? I was reading through and i guess there are many different chips i can purchase. Will the a4 have any chance in doing a 13sec pass on the stock turbo? Or does anyone have Nitrous on their car? Sorry if these questions have been asked before, i tried searcing around and couldnt find my answers....are there any really bad commen problems with any of the Audi's? For example in DSMs there is crankwalk which sucks! and crappy door handles, they break off when its cold....I think thats about it. Please dont bash me, these are legit questions. Thanks, Shane

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