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DSG gearboxes in short supply...so dealer tells me

MrLapou Jan 4, 2004

  1. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    Ordered a 2.0 TDi SE with DSG late Sept 2003. Dealer called and said build date had slipped by 5 weeks to Wk2 ~ 2004, due to shortage of DSG gb's.

    Anyone got their special order DSG equipped car yet?
    If so, would like to know when your order went through and the car is expected to arrive.
  2. NWMark

    NWMark Member

    The delay regarding the DSG box is in this weeks AutoExpress magazine.

    Audi said that they have had to change a part on the DSG box and there is a shortage of the new part, hence the 5 week delay.


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