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  1. thomasedwards

    thomasedwards New Member

    Good day!

    So I’ve just bought my first Audi and it’s got a DSG gearbox. I’ve never owned even an automatic, so this is a bit new. Two questions:

    1. The manual says that I should come to a complete stop before changing from D to R and R to D – how much should I abide to that? Obviously used to a manual where you can get away with it, just want to know what the real limits are without a costly experiment.

    2. As I mentioned, first DSG: what shouldn’t I do? What’s the thing every newbie does and regrets? (If that’s not already the answer to question 1!)

    I’ve been lurking these forums for a while then finally committed this week when I bought an A3!
  2. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    What year is it and what engine? The advice below is based on the earlier 'wet clutch' box which I believe was 8P & 8P2 (not post 2008.5 facelift).

    Make sure you service the gearbox every 40,000 miles. This usually involves flushing the gearbox and filling it with new oil.
    This must be genuine DSG oil (which is fairly expensive). Ensure its done at an approved mechanic or at the dealership.
    If you're unsure if it has been done yet, just do it as its not worth the risk.

    Definetely come to a complete stop before going from R to D. Treat it like an automatic in that respect.

    Also when you are reversing up an incline dont feather the throttle like you would in an automatic or manual. This will
    potentially overheat the gearbox if done for long enough and cause failure.

    I have also found it operates much nicer if its given 30-60 seconds to warmup when cold starting.

    Remember when you're driving that it is a dual clutch and is always lining up the next gear to ensure a quick smooth change;
    however if you are driving in D and floor it there will be a delay if its kicking down more than one gear where the revs flare up
    before the clutch engages as the DSG computer matches the revs.

    Other than that, its a fairly bulletproof unit with correct maintenance and will handle a high level of HP & Torque.
  3. thomasedwards

    thomasedwards New Member

    Thanks for the reply JPK, sounds like sound advice!

    It’s a 2005 3.2 V6 and it’s just ticked over 52,000 miles. I have the service document from 41,000 miles and the DSG was attended to by Audi, so that sounds positive!

    Interesting what you say about the reverse incline, I have to reverse into my driveway which is quite steep – so I will bare that in mind.
  4. fangio

    fangio Well-Known Member

    I think he means a lot longer than just reversing up your drive! :uhm:

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