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Drrrooollling over the Audi R8

critch Jun 2, 2007

  1. critch

    critch It looked like that when I got here

    Hi everyone

    Don`t take this the wrong way I`m not trying to make people jealous or anything in that nature.

    I`ve seen the R8 in the flesh in black at a dealer they lifted the cover it looks F%$£^ing awesome the engine looks amazing through the glass screen and the bank of leds that light the engine bay are fanastic.

    The whole car is just beyond belief the interior and exterior is mindblowing and just oooozzzzeeess class I was stood there with a dropped jaw and apparently all uk R8 have all gone even though no one had seen one before it appeared on fifth gear don`t know if this causes a stir it looked better than the gallardo that audi made for lambo.

    I`m hoping they have an open day so us mortals can get closer or even drive it thinking about selling body parts or other means of getting the money.

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