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Drove my S4 at dealer yesterday... BUT:

imported_ZeroK66 Mar 15, 2006

  1. imported_ZeroK66

    imported_ZeroK66 Guest

    Hello all,

    Well drove the beastie yesterday (2000 chipped & Exhaust 35k S4) and it went well. I was expecting a little more - but dont get me wrong - it was quick!

    A few things...

    1: The car was really quiet. The exhaust had been done - but seemed VERY quiet. No turbo spooling noise either *disappointed* Sad - I assume the downpipes have not been replaced. Am I correct in assuming these are small Cats which are replaced with straight through pipes giving 20ish?

    2: Gear change was VERY sloppy. Seems that it clicked into gear, BUT inbetween changed the throw is longer than my 2.8 & seems to have NO feel at all. Is this right?

    3: I had a bit of a flat spot at around 4k... my 2.8q did this too (Something to do with changing of inlet lengths) and it ran out of steam about 5.5-6k? This normal - or perhaps the MAF needing replacing?

    That is about it. On the plus side - the car is MINT... absolutely great car! I cant wait for the plates to be sorted so I can bring her home and head to Pod on the 25th with the RS246 boys...


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