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dropping subframe?

yellowgti Oct 6, 2008

  1. yellowgti

    yellowgti Whats going to break next??... VCDS Map User

    Hi, just wonderd if anybody could give me a bit of advice on dropping the subframe on the 1.8t quattro, i had fitted 2 weeks ago front passenger side wishbone track rod end and rack end however the garage is too far away from home to take back, since then i have had a clicking from the fron which ive been told is something to do with the steering rack and that the track rod/rack end needs tightening up as it mustnt have been done, to do this ive been told there a ****** to get to so i have to drop the sub frameto get to the pins to tighten them

    Is there anything i need to know before dropping the sub frame? desperatly needs doing before audi international as it doesnt feel safe

    cheers in advance guys ;-):sos:
  2. HODD

    HODD Member

    4 bolts hold the subframe on, when I first dropped the frame I supported the frame with a jack as I wasn't sure how far it would drop, it turns out with all bolts removed it only lowers about 2 inches, its still held up by suspension components and the steering rack.Afterwards you will need to get your tracking done.

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