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  1. WorkInProgress

    WorkInProgress Member


    I've been looking on the interweb for droplinks and I'm seeing a few variations, all part no. 1J0411315 but with various letters at the end for different revisions.

    I've got an AGU with 21mm ARB. Some internet shops advise particular drop links (1J0411315E & 1J0411315G) won't fit, stating they're for 23mm ARB whereas 1J0411315C will (and possibly 1J0411315H)

    Reason I ask is that when looking at aftermarket drop links there's no mention of them fitting specific sized bars.

    Anyone clear things up for me?
  2. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    There are 3 versions of the drop links. The old style plastic ones that were prone to cracking, which have now been superseded with a better designed plastic part. The third version are metal.

    The metal ones were fitted to the 23mm arb cars, however they are all interchangeable. I would imagine the metal ones are stronger, but they are a little more expensive.

    1J0411315H - is revised plastic part
    1J0411315C - old plastic part that breaks.
    1J0411315G - Metal part that fits all (not just 23mm bar)

    If you go on the euro car parts site, and then on anti-roll bar components it give you pictures and prices on all 3
  3. WorkInProgress

    WorkInProgress Member

    Cheers Jim, that helps me out.

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