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Driving me mad!!

QuottroA4 Sep 13, 2009

  1. QuottroA4

    QuottroA4 Member

    Can I throw this one out to the forum as I am going slowly mad trying to figure out this problem!! :keule:

    I have a droning noise come from what I think is the exhaust which only happens under load between 1900 and 2400rpm. It is most noticable on the daul carriagway or motorway when accelerating in 5th or 6th gear.

    I also still have the old problem of my exhaust resernating at idle (esp when cold) which has seemed to remain constent and not go any worse.

    I think both the issues are linked as both involve the exhaust system. I have narrowed the possible causes down to:-

    - Stiff flexi joint on cat unit
    - Stuffed hydraulic engine mount
    - Worn DMF (£££££££ :sadlike:)

    Has anyone had experience of anything like this? I'm erring towards option 2 myself but cant be sure!!

    Thank you in advance
    Rich :)
  2. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    Is the exhaust stock item , if so how old is it , do you feel there is a lose in power..
  3. QuottroA4

    QuottroA4 Member

    Stock on a 52 plate = 117k

    Had local indy garage look at it and they said they could find anything wrong, even took the cat of to have a look at it..
  4. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    I had a similar issue on one of my 100k + mileage diesel A4's, I think some passats suffer from similar symptoms. Apparently its because the flexi-joints in the exhaust harden up over time and the exhaust note changes.. I never did much about it. You could try a new flexi joint and see.
  5. QuottroA4

    QuottroA4 Member

    Theres an exhaust pace just across from whereI work, they said th coud chap the old one out and weld a new ne in situ from 80 quid. Might give them a shout to see if they can do it. If it still persists then it must be an engine mount as the car does move when I 'pep' the acelerator at tick over..
  6. johnny_m

    johnny_m Member

    Hi QuattroA4, Did you manage to get to the bottom of your vibrating exhaust i have the same problem ..........

    Many Thanks


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