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Driving In the Snow

will89 Nov 3, 2010

  1. will89

    will89 Member

    Most automatic's have got a snow button, now how do i put it in 2nd gear on a multitronic to get grip in the snow? It doesn't let you pull away in 2nd when on tip mode...

    The car is a 1.9tdi 130 Multitronic with a PSI tuning box.
  2. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    You dont need to. The car will creep when you take ur foot off the brake, once ur moving, ease in the power, the box will do the rest.
  3. samuelt

    samuelt Member

    I have had a 130 a4 but a manual, I also live in Perth and get deep snow every year. Your a4 is fitted with with an electronic limited slip diff up to 40kmh (80kmh if quattro). The best bet is to pull away slowly keeping it under 40kmh until any wheel spin stops and then try not to play with the torque (the hard part!). I found it one of the best 2wd cars I have driven in the snow. Now have a quattro all different ball game!

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