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Driving experiences

ScoobyA4 Jun 17, 2007

  1. ScoobyA4

    ScoobyA4 ding dang do

    anyone done one? (not including Audi ones as no dates for this year left!)

    those who have, what are your thoughts on them?
  2. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    I won one with work once. Ferrari experience at Rockingham. I wasn't expecting much as it says 4-5 laps, but to be honest I really enojyed it. You feel like you get a long time, and the drivers aren't nursing the car, they tell you to gun it if they are confident in your ability. I got to choose between F1 paddle shift, or a stick shift Ferrari 360. Sounded amazing, goes like stink and really highlighted just how well these things handle. The frustrating thing is, just as your getting to the end of your 4 laps, you're starting to get confident, carrying more speed, braking later, hitting the gas earlier (even managed to get a bit of a power slide going on the final hairpin :) ).

    At the end of it all, you feel pretty exhausted, even though it is only a handful of laps, but you are working hard, concentrating and trying to just enjoy it!

    The really funny thing was at the end of it, they started offering discounted lamborghini and parsche experiences..... my mates had to drag me away from the Gallardo!!!!

    To sum it up, they are good fun if you relish the experience of driving a supercar and your happy to take that away. But it is a bit short and you do feel you want a bit more. If you can budget a palmer motorsport day (about £600 I think) they are meant to be fantastic ( a few colleagues have done it) and you're driving all sorts of cars through a whole day.

    Hope that helps.
  3. ScoobyA4

    ScoobyA4 ding dang do

    am tempted for the ful day rallying in WRXs... thats £300...

    i do fancy finding out what the Audi Experience is like tho!
  4. marshalld

    marshalld aka dazzler Audi S3

    I did the driving experience a couple of years back....

    I assume you've looked here? Link to Audi site

    There's a post here with more info:

    I thought'd I'd done a write up, but can't seem to find it anywhere...
  5. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    I'm also really tempted by the audi day. I've been on a caterham day, and that was brilliant. Lost count of how many laps I did, must have been close to 20, really nice guys, and one of the race drivers also takes you out for a hot lap at the end of it. I'd deffo go again.

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