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Driving Around Europe.

Josh84 May 4, 2012

  1. Josh84

    Josh84 Member

    Hi all, just after some advice/tips if anyone can help. Im going on a bit of a road trip next month, going to be driving in the A3 to Dortmund where ill be picking up a motorhome and then off to watch England at Euro 2012 for 2 weeks. Going to take my time getting across Germany and Poland, probably stop off in Krakow, and then will be staying in Kharkiv, Gdansk, and Kyiv in Ukraine. Was just wondering if anyone could recommend anywhere worth visiting/staying in between these places and if you had any advice.
    I know you need a high vis vest, warning triangle, spare bulbs etc, and i now believe you must carry a breathometer in France, is there anything else i need to know about.
  2. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    They also drive on the right, so be careful of that! ;)
  3. Josh84

    Josh84 Member

    Haha, thanks for that, probably the biggest tip i will need.
  4. Viking

    Viking Bloody Viking...

    Random stuff, but here we go. Some of these apply to only certain countries, some are advisories, and some are just common sense.

    You need a high vis vest for every car occupant, and they must be in the car, not the boot. This is so you can put the vest on before getting out of the car.

    Speed camera detectors are not allowed. Sat navs are okay as long as they don't actively report speed cameras.

    Check your insurance covers you for all countries you're going to visit, and check it's full comprehensive cover and will apply for the length of your journey. Some insurers only allow 2 weeks at one stretch.

    Carry your passport, insurance documents, MOT and V5 document with you in the car.

    2 (two) warning triangles are required.

    Make sure you take the spare car key, spare wheel (legal and blown up to the correct pressure), a foot pump or compressor (and possibly a tin of tyreweld for an emergency), fire extinguisher, spare bulb kit, first aid kit, locking wheel bolt key, a proper jack, screenwash, ltr of oil, etc. While you're travelling, put the spare wheel and jack close to the top of the luggage then you don't have to unload the whole boot to get to it in an emergency.

    Look at getting European recovery / roadside assistance. It costs as little as £60 for full UK and full European cover for a year, so daft not to.

    Scan all important documents and email them to a Gmail or Hotmail account so you can download / print copies if you lose them at any point.

    When driving on the right you're gonna have to rely on your passenger for a view of the road in certain circumstances. Before setting off make sure that you're both aware of what's needed in any given situation, and develop a system where you both communicate clearly. We have a code where if I say "Mirror" then the wife knows I need to see the passenger door mirror and stays out of the way. It's very easy for the passenger to lean forward and block your view at just the wrong moment!

    Headlights (or DRLs) are mandatory in some countries, and make sure you fit beam benders at the port so you don't dazzle others.

    GB sticker (or badge on the number plate) is mandatory. Note GB or the EU symbol are the only ones which are legal, The white ENG badge is not (I think!).

    There'll be more but that'll do you for a start.
  5. Josh84

    Josh84 Member

    Thanks for that, some useful points. I didnt know it was a high vis for everyone, thought it was just the driver, will get a couple more from work. Do you know anything about this breathometer for France? My brother was telling me the other day, but i havent seen it any where online.
    Going to get in touch with the insurance this weekend and see what i need to do about driving in europe. Luckily the motorhome is german so will be left and drive for most of the time im away.
  6. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    The breathalyser is a legal requirement in France from July 2012. So you should be back by then. If you want to be on the safe side, you can get one for under a tenner on Amazon.
  7. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    make sure you have hi-viz vests for every human in your car and a fire exstuisher (cant spell it) and a 1st aid kit, fines for you if you dont have them,

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