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Drivetrain shunk and dual mass flywheel

SonicDeathmonkey Apr 12, 2009

  1. Sienna mentioned on the S4 engine pull thread that the DMF can cause drivetrain shunt.

    My S4 has a little bit of "shunt", but I dont know if this is caused by the DMF. Is there an easy way to tell if this is the DMF?

    How would this feel to drive, as opposed to, say, worn engine mounts?

    How much would I be looking at to get the DMF changed, parts & labour? If replacing this, should I get anything else done?
  2. I dont know what shunk is, in the thread title, but it's too late to change it!!!
  3. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Shunt's the "thump" / "play" between accelleration and overrun.

    It's usually more pronounced than the slop from worn engine / tranny mounts. It's more of a rotary shunt / backlash, as opposed to the rise and fall caused by busted mounts.

    You're looking at £1,000 to pull engine / tranny assembly, and replace flywheel.
    Whilst engine's out, it'll be wise to replace engine mounts, clutch (RS4 item's less than £40 more).

    I'd imagine the timing belt must have been replaced in recent times.
  4. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, this is all sounding very familiar on my car. I had my engine mounts replaced with RS4 units about 18months ago and still have what I thought was excessive play in the mounts.

    I had an RS4 clutch fitted as well, which doesn't slip, but the 'thump' is there.

    I find sometimes when coming off the accelerator in 2nd down from about 20mph, I get very fierce kangarooing. Does this sound like it could be another symptom of a worn DMF? My car is only on 95k!
  5. That's a sympton as well, though not too pronounced. Strange though, it does NOT happen when the engine is cold?

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