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Driveshaft woes :-(

JimS3 Aug 28, 2013

  1. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Recently had an increasingly bad knock when going from accelerating to decelerating and having recently changed all engine mounts the driveshafts seemed the likely culprit.

    Removed them tonight to find a large amount of slack in the inner joints and fitted a pair of cheap J&R joints with a supposed 2 year guarantee.

    Now all knocking has gone but whoa under full throttle it feels like the car is going to vibrate itself to bits!
    Looks like you get what you pay for with these. And also a load of wasted time.

    Having checked all usual suppliers, ECP, GSF, AVS etc no one seems to list or be able to get inner joint for 6 speed models.

    Anyone know where to get inner joint or complete shafts of reasonable quality? Don't fancy paying near enough £600 to Audi for a pair of driveshafts!
  2. S321BAM

    S321BAM I lost the rod lottery

    have you tried TPS would need a trade account or someone that has
  3. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Have a TPS account and the trade discount seems to only be about 10% on these.

    Strange how everywhere has multiple options on the outer joints but no inners!
    Must be loads of 6 speed cars about with all the diesels.
  4. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    You sure youve tightened everything up mate?
  5. Big Al

    Big Al Active Member

    Hi Jim

    Sorry to hear about your driveshaft issues. I have a complete NSF driveshaft & hub assembly for sale?

    * NSF hub with bearing (133,000 miles) with drive shaft (55,000 miles - new gaiters 2,000miles) £150

    I see you're in Devon though which is quite a way from Solihull, where I live!

    See my Ebay advert for details, PM here or on Ebay for my mobile number, kind regards Alistair

    Audi S3 8L facelift breaking spares Recaro seats BAM engine TT Quattro Golf Mk4 | eBay

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