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Drivers Display

imported_Cirus Aug 24, 2004

  1. imported_Cirus

    imported_Cirus Guest


    Just wondering whether any of you can help me. I own a late 99 'T' reg Audi A3 1.8 Sport. It has the old drivers display in between the rev counter and Speedo. It has 6 individual box’s in the top half and then 2 long boxes at the bottom. For some reason the 2 boxes at the bottom never display anything. I know one is supposed to display the outside temp (not sure what the other one does).

    Does anyone know why it might not be showing anything?? (for example not all A3 have this function? or maybe just a bulb gone?)

    Any help with this would be great. If it is supposed to be working then I will take it into the stealers as it is still under there warranty (bought the car second hand from them 6 months ago)

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Those boxes will go out when you turn off the computer, the button on the wiper stalk, but I thought they reset to "ON" when you start the car again.
  3. imported_Cirus

    imported_Cirus Guest

    I have looked in the handbook and from my interpritation, the rest button is only for when you have the full display system. Even though I don't have that this should still display something. BUT thats not to say I am wrong and I have just miss understood it.
  4. leespears1

    leespears1 Member

    On the quattro A3 - the whole display between the speedo and revs is divided in to three sections. The top one is the engine system check, should say ok when engine is started - this will also show pictures of veh faults such as bulb failure etc.. The middle box is the temp guage - outside temp, this is constantly on. Below this in the third section is the DIS (drivers info system) this system shows vehicle current mpg, average mpg, average speed, distance time,fuel range. These can be flicked through using the selector on the wiper stalk. The reset button is on the underside of this stalk.
  5. ajmackie

    ajmackie Member

    I think the bottom box is to show what gear it is in if automatic, middle temp and top is your waring lights. think that is right for an a4 at least without DIS
  6. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    I agree with ajmackie, its the same on my 1998 A3 sport.

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