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drivers air bag removal

2.8 30v May 22, 2014

  1. 2.8 30v

    2.8 30v Member

    Going to change my steering wheel as its getting tatty,is it a case of just removing the 2 bolts and lifting it off the steering wheel or is there more to it
  2. I took mine off the other day, torx drivers T30 to remove the screws from the back of the steering wheel that hold the airbag.
    If you disconnect the battery you won't get the airbag light coming on when you put it all back together, it's easy to accidentally turn on the ignition if you need to move the wheel and trigger the airbag light if the battery is connected.
    You'll need a T55 or same size multi spline bit to remove the steering wheel nut.
    Pic of mine with airbag out of the way.
    You can pull the yellow plug straight (don't twist) from the centre of the airbag. Makes it easier to assemble the rest of the wires for horn and the airbag-steering wheel multi plug without the airbag flopping around.
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    yeh thats all there is to it, well you need to unplug it after you lift it off, but ye.

    The official line says to disconnect the battery while doing the work, then when finished, put the ignition on, THEN reconnect the battery.

    I've done it a few times without taking the battery off though and it was fine.

    I presume they tell you to do it like that incase some fault casues it to detonate when you reconnect, and making sure your outside the car when the power is reattached limits the risk.
  4. 2.8 30v

    2.8 30v Member

    Cheers for that now to get a steering wheels
  5. Aragorn, do you know anything about Fife Powder Coating? They're in Glenrothes. My old wheels look ****, (9 spoke things) need a major refurb, want them done before I put my new Vredestein Sportrac 5's on.

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