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Driver electric window getting confused

W14FEN Oct 18, 2011

  1. W14FEN

    W14FEN Member

    Hi All,

    I have an A3 140 sportback 57 plate. Under approved audi dealer warranty.

    I have an issue where my driver window gets confused. Sometimes I will go to auto close it and when its fully shut, it just keeps trying to close i.e. you can hear its continuously pushing up. This stops when I pull the button again.

    The second issue is when I use auto close, it will completely close and then automatically reopen a few inches. It did this the other day about 5 times until I just held the button for a about 10 secs to make it stay up.

    The other issue is that the windows seem to forget one touch function and every few days I have to reset them.

    Any ideas? Is it back to the dealer before the warranty runs out?
  2. JordanFostersSN

    JordanFostersSN New Member

    put the window all the way down, then bring it all the way back up and hold the button up for a few seconds you will hear a click. Then push the button so the window goes all the way down and hold the button for a few seconds again and you will hear a click. This should restore your window memory. For some reason mine has done this probably 3 times in the last 5 months on my 2009 a3 :-/ not to mention the worthless key fob that I have to keep resetting even with a brand new battery in the fob and under the hood. Good Luck, Hope I helped!
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    Sounds like the motor isn't stopping at the end of its 'run'.. i.e. when the window is fully shut.
    This is then triggering the safety feature (which stops your arm from getting chopped off if you were to shut it in the window) causing the window to re-open a few inches, as it thinks there is an obstruction.

    Back to the dealers! :yes:
  4. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    I had this on my 59 A3..; took it into Audi and the replaced the whole window mechanism under warranty
  5. W14FEN

    W14FEN Member

    Thanks Guys.

    Would this be covered under the used car approved warranty?

    Typically it only happens now and again so the chance of it happening when I take it in is low!
  6. W14FEN

    W14FEN Member

    Took the car into the audi dealer today.

    Faulty drivers side motor. Going to be replaced under the approved car warranty.


    Ps. and that's why I bought from a main dealer!
  7. I have been having issues like these, one touch would trip out, sometimes when I close the window it will then open it's self about 4 inches, I then close it and it opens again 4 inches, after this the one touch no longer works.

    Had it in to Audi for a DSG service and they said the drivers switch pack was at fault and replaced it at a cost of over £100 (covered under an RAC warranty), had been working fine but now it has just started doing it again! It's clearly not the switch pack and they have wrongly diagnosed the fault, do I go back to Audi with this?
  8. rocketpaul

    rocketpaul New Member

    This thread is old but i have been having this exact problem, any other solution out there?
  9. alte22a

    alte22a New Member

    I've just started to have this problem on my 59 plate S3 sport back on both my back windows.

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