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Drive shaft compatability

Goosey May 19, 2013

  1. Goosey

    Goosey Member

    hi all, I have a 1.8T sport (AWT) with a suspected inner or outer joint problem on the offside (knocks like hell when slowing down but goes when braking or accelerating) can't feel anything unusual and I've had similar before on saxo's.

    Problem I have is time is never on my side as I do a lot of miles so i'd rather spend very little on trying a 2nd hand item to at least eliminate a potential cause. are 1.8t passats the same? VW PASSAT B5 AUDI A4 A6 COMPLETE DRIVE SHAFT 8D0 407 271 AQ, J1 AQ | eBay

    the bloody thing is starting to cost me a bit of money now, the joys of old cars

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