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Dreaded slow wipers!

JayB5UK Feb 18, 2008

  1. JayB5UK

    JayB5UK Member

    Hi guys, my mate who biught my A4 has come to me for help with the wipers, they were a bit dog slow when I had it, but it hasn't been used every day so they've started getting worse and now stop in the middle, looks like a safety cut-out on them, then tehywill eventually crawl to a park.
    Is it worth trying to free the mechanism up (no garage to work in) or should we look for a new mechanism? i saw someone quote about £50 for one from Audi.
    Does anyone know from experience?
  2. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    I tried to free the mechanism, which did the job for a month or so and then they slowed up again. Eventually managed to get a new assy from the breakers for £20 and replaced it. To be truthful I have not heard of many people having much luck once they sieze. Maybe if you took the whole thing off and left it for a couple of days to soak in oil it may last longer
  3. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    I took mine to bits cant remember how long ago and has been great ever since.

    Stripped it right down and built it back up. For the sake of £50 I would just buy a new one though. I never as I was told I would have to buy the motor too which would make it expensive.
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator


    After a full strip down, they've been fine ever since.
    When you do it check the fitment of the plastic scuttle underneath the wipers as these tend to get knackered by Autoglass when refitting windscreens, and if it doesn't seal properly water can drip down onto the wiper mechanism. A new one is only £11 from the dealer so worth investing in before you start.
    Getting the wiper arms off is a real pig, you'll need the special removal tool:
  5. JayB5UK

    JayB5UK Member

    Thanks guys, never used one of them tools, normally partially undo the nut and yank and sweat and swear for 5 minutes each til they feel scared and come off!
    VAGparts just quoted me £82 inc VAT for it, compared to RRP of £94. Hm

    May try the breaker idea for now, I feel obliged to help my mate as the problem was starting when I sold the car to him, plus i'm not so sure I fancy spending all day in this cold attempting to strip the mechanism, in case we balls something up!

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