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Dreaded first fault code after mapping...

sandwich1987 Aug 29, 2012

  1. sandwich1987

    sandwich1987 Member

    Just randomly last week I went to start the car after finishing work when the abs and traction control light came on :( have had a quick scan to tonight and I'm getting the code 01316 and have had a quick look on here for ideas....but not really sure, it come under the Haldex section on the scan for the whole car....I have my catch can almost directly above the abs block and it is dripping a bit so I thought it could e related???
  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    01316 - Ross-Tech Wiki

    01316 - ABS Control Module: No Signal/Communication
    Possible Causes

    Wiring/Connector(s) from/to ABS Control Module faulty
    Fault(s) stored in ABS Control Module

    Possible Solutions

    Check Wiring/Connector(s) from/to ABS Control Module
    Check Measuring Value Blocks (MVB)
    Usually Measuring Value Blocks (MVB) 125+ show the current Communication Status

    Unrelated to mapping I would think...

  3. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Yea, as above, nothing to do with mapping :)

  4. sandwich1987

    sandwich1987 Member

    i didnt really think it was related to the mapping, it was just a question of what the 1st code i would get after the mapping would be, still no nearer to solving this issue yet anyway think i'll need toget the connection to the abs controller off tohave a butchers.....

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