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Dragon Tuning box query

Andy D Sep 12, 2007

  1. Andy D

    Andy D Member

    I have a Dragon performance tuning box which I bought originally in 2003 when I bought my new golf tdi 150. I never fitted the box asa I didn't know how and I was worried about the warranty etc.

    The box is still unused and I am now collecting my 2004 audi A4 tdi 130 sport on Friday.

    :readit:The question is will this box fit my audi, if not does anyone know the price of a digital tuning box?
    Have any forum members had any negative results or bu99ered engines from tuning boxes?
  2. Niknak

    Niknak Member

    if your golf was a PD engine which I would have thought it was being a 150 then it should fit fine. I have a tuning box on my 130 and it works fine.

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