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DPF problem or other problem?

psings Apr 15, 2013

  1. psings

    psings New Member

    Hi all,

    Been reading the forums for a long time now but thought I should finally join.

    A bit of background as I need some help... I've had my A3 for a year now and suffered issues with the DPF system after a couple of weeks ownership - the pressure sensor needed replacing and the vacuum unit also. Not had many issues with the DPF since apart from needing to take it on longer drives at inappropriate times when it wants to regen!

    This post might be a bit long so please keep reading!

    At the beginning of April after a long fast drive the DPF light lit up. I unloaded the shopping and took it on the usual 15 mile route at the usual speeds while it was still hot. Nearing the end of the route the car still hadn't extinguished the light, so I changed direction and headed for the motorway. 5 miles along, the dash beeped and the coil pack light flashed a couple of times BUT then went out along with the DPF light so assumed all was clear and drove home.

    Last Thursday I was out and noticed the car start its regen process, so diverted to a longer route home. The regen appeared to have completed but the oil temp stayed at 94 degrees which I thought unusual.

    On Saturday it started a regen on a fast road after some town driving but appeared complete before arriving at destination - oil temp still hotter than usual and noticed the MPG was 36.9 (around 10MPG lower than usual on this run). On return journey I filled the tank... A journey of 40 miles motorway. Plugged in VCDS and the soot load was at 28.9%. Decided to take it on a run with it plugged in. Driving 1 mile from home it loaded from 28.9 to 32% which was a very quick load up IMO which then went up further until 35% when it started a regen.

    Looking at the VCDS logs I recorded, the regen status kept starting and stopping even though I was doing a constant 60mph and at 32% VCDS reported failed regen, then it started again straight away until it cleared at 14%.

    Sunday went out and noticed that the tank had lost 1/4 fuel. Considering I'd only done 50 miles since filling it up it shocked me. On the drive the oil temp shot up to 94 then 97 degrees and a regen started. Again.

    Now I've had the car for a year I've gotten used to the regen process and pretty much know when it's likely to start doing it, but the events over the past two weeks have made me a bit concerned that something's wrong again.

    I've checked the internet and some people say it could be the oil level has raised too much after regens when the post-inject occurs.

    I can't really find any other clues as to why the DPF has been loading up so quickly or why the oil temp seems to be so high so often and don't know whether this could be related to the vacuum unit or pressure sensor again.

    Has anyone had a similar issue? If so, did you find the cause of it?

    It's been booked in with Audi this week but I'd still like to see if anyone can help shed some light so I can go armed to the techies with some questions and information!

    Appreciate your time and hopefully input :)
  2. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member Team Ibis VCDS Map User Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    The only suggestion I can give you mate is to get the DPF deleted. It is one of the worst diesel inventions ever to be introduced. I know there are a few groups out there that think the DPF is amazing and its going to save everyone from harmful gases......I beg to differ. Seeing as your car will NOT fail the MOT for having the DPF deleted the best bet is to get it removed and have the ECU remapped so no more DPF warning Lights, Limp Home Mode, regeneration or DPF problems ever again!!!
  3. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    Something to consider as a possibility is what oil has been used in the car, many places (including dealers) seem to get it wrong a lot if the time. Unless your using 507.00 (or better spec) low SAP oil the ash it will produce will easily block the DPF.
  4. psings

    psings New Member

    Hi Brodster, was thinking that earlier today as a solution but one of my friends who's an MOT tester tells me that in future they might not pass if it's taken off but meant to be there :/ but it's definitely one to condsider if it continues to give me grief!

    max69vk - I'm a bit worried about the oil type used when it was serviced a few months back I must confess. I did ask them to put the recommended 507.00 oil in but I suspect they haven't bothered. Unfortunately I needed it serviced as I was building up the miles after the interval and due to work commitments had to stay local instead of dealer. Turned out the local garage charged only £30 less than what Audi charge!

    I've read in a post just now that the oil level being increased slightly can have a massive impact on the soot produced causing more frequent regens. I checked the dipstick the other day but found it very hard to read - I don't understand why the dipstick is black instead of white or silver to show the oil level better!
  5. psings

    psings New Member

    A quick update this morning - looking at the dipstick in detail this morning I see the oil level is a looooong over the Max level and the cloth after wiping smelt of diesel!

    Considering the oil was supposed to have been changed at the last service about 3000 miles ago I'm surprised it's smelling that much, then again if the recommended oil wasn't used and the garage filled it too much it in the first place then I can assume it's done quite a few regens.

    I think that's the first thing I'll talk to Audi about tomorrow and also getting them to oil change it to 507.00!
  6. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    I may be slightly biased as I offer the service, but i will reiterate what Broadster says- get the DPF removed. The 170 engine in particular is horrendous for DPF issues, and you WILL forever be chasing your tale with the issue. Your car will be much more economical, both MPG wise and the fact you don't have to take it for a random drive!

    There is NO plan to bring in any kind of DPF test. If it ever happens, it will be a good while and you would have saved yourself loads of money in the mean time.

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