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dpf off plus remap = yeeeeehaaaaaaa

frankycap76 Sep 6, 2012

  1. frankycap76

    frankycap76 New Member

    Pondering dpf and remap for a while on the 06 2.0tdi s line a4 avant 170, feels great now , so impressed with the power difference and fairly ecstatic about the dpf warning gone forever ( hate that wee symbol with a passion) Quite surprised at some of the prices quoted on audi forums lately, some in excess off 750 quid, I am in Northern Ireland and got it done on a sweet hub fit dyno set up for 350 plus the dreaded. Just had the injectors done at audi FOC so happy days there. Still not convinced by these 170's fiercely unreliable cars, Audi need to take themselves into a dark corner and have a stern word with themselves and get their act together, if its not the dpf its the egr or god forbid the obd system has gremlins (yep had that too), don't get me wrong, I love the car, its a great drive and looks fantastic, fits our needs perfectly but I Simply could not endorse it to anyone. Love hate relationship? Yes.

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