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Dp Motorsport's Simota Audi 1.8T carbon intake

billybravo Jun 24, 2006

  1. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    Best thing is to phone them. They were more than helpful then. They even took the carriage price off if I send them pics of the installed kit.
  2. goon

    goon Member

    a cheaper alternative to this system is to do what i did. remove airbox completely,take out airmeter( be careful it very brittle), fit airmeter back to outlet rubber hose, fit k+n cone filter 68mm diameter to airmeter, refit square air inlet pipe so it feeds cold air to filter and amplifier. £38.:ohmy:
  3. Beerzo

    Beerzo Masa'warty 3200... Talk To Me!

    Thats ok when the car is moving but round town that filter is sucking in nothing but hot air from the turbo.

    Drive around town for 15-20 mins stop then feel the filter element of the cone i bet its toasting. :noway:

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